Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New York City

This past weekend I went to the lovely New York City. What a treat it was. I got to see so many familiar sites and some terribly wonderful people. Here are just a few of the sketches.

Union Square

Saturday, my friend Brigham and I took to Union Square. There, we came across those rambunctious protesters. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate people sticking it to the man but their failure to convey a decent Economic model left me apathetic to their enthusiasms. Brigham said they were just a bunch of dinguses. I think the pigeons agreed.

Unimpressed Pigeons

Man with bags

Brigham on the phone (arranging our plans to watch The Sting at the Jersey Loews)

Sunday, I went to church

Union Square 3rd Ward

Monday was a very special day. Jeffrey and I set out into the city armed with nothing but sketch books, pencils, and baseball mitts.

Brooklyn Bridge

After we finished our drawings, we played catch in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. We talked about the city, Washington Roebling, and our career goals.

Times Square

Central Park

After this sketch, Jeffrey and I brought the mitts out once again. We talked about cars, women, and baseball.

It was a lovely trip. Truly, New York has a most special place in my heart. And though I love the landmarks, the history, and the sass - the thing that makes it precious to me are my dear friends. Some were kind enough to pose for some blind portrait drawings.

Brigham Barnes

Jeffrey Butler

Emily Kunz

Stephen Mulcock

Lars Stoten

Dave Almond

Carol Dyer

Til next time, New York. Til next time.


KC said...

I really like these Collin, the one of Brooklyn Bridge and the pigeons are great.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Stephen is spot on.

MTDA said...

Love them. I didn't know you went to NYC. Very cool.

M said...

i love these. but i love the pigeons and the man with bags most.

Anonymous said...

Hi Collin: Your sketches are very good. I love your comments that you write with each one. You are so cool.

Anonymous said...

your blind contour drawings are delightful....please continue to draw them . they make me quite happy!