Monday, January 30, 2012

Go figure

Don't worry, mom. It's just that when people want to get better at drawing they have to draw a lot of naked people. No funny business. Just ask Asher Lev.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vasquez Rocks, pt ii

(And a bonus Placerita Nature Center sketch.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas in Utah!

My mom's Living Room. This was before Santa came.

This is what happens when Christmas is on Sunday.

But, of course, the reason for the season was remembered.

I spent some time with my nieces and nephew. This is my proposed Christmas card for them next year. It has not yet been green lit.

I invented a game with my nieces and nephew. It was called The Monster of Haunted Forest. The game is about a prince and two princesses that tease a Monster in a forest. The monster gets his feelings hurt and kidnaps two of their friends and seals them in magic orbs. So the prince and princesses have to sneak into the forest (my mom's yard) and rescue the orbs (or basketballs) before the monster (me) captures them. We had a good time. Laughs were had, no tears were shed and the grass stains in my jeans lifted out nicely.

I headed south to enjoy the beauties of Arches National Park with my pals Jared Clark, Rich McKay, and Mike Loveland to do some drawing and painting. Wow. I was blown away. My sketches won't do the vistas justice but the beauty of the park shook my soul.

Park Ave

I don't know the name of this formation but I would call it "Foot".

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch. This was the capstone of the trip. We weren't sure we'd get to it before sunset but we hurried under the navigation of Jared and caught it from the southern view just as the sun set. Enchanting.

In a further pursuit of the beauties of Utah, my pal Mark and I stopped off at Kolob Canyon just off the 15. Another stunner.